It's All About Family, Yours and Ours

Memphis Fire Barbeque was founded on strong community values and since the beginning we've aspired to be "the place" to go to eat. We feel that part of reaching that goal is to be open and available to our customers as much as possible, while maintaining a life/work balance for our staff and family. Below you can find the holidays we are closed, but more importantly you can find the times that we're open so that you can come and enjoy our award-winning food

Hours of Operation



We are closed on Monday to allow our staff to be with their families

In The 1950's good food was everywhere, all made from scratch

As The Years Passed, Until Now, Food Quality Overall has Become Mediocre and Service Passable

All of this watering down has been in order to fill our bellies faster

Why Did We Accept So Little From Restaurants For the Sake of Convenience?

Stand Up For Quality, Stand Up for Memphis Fire - Champions of Old School Food Done Right

Our Menus

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Daily Menu 1


Our Lunch Menu Is Available From 11:30am to 4:00pm Daily
Dinner Menu


Our Dinner Menu Is Available From 4:00pm to 9:00pm Daily
Take-Out Menu


Our Take-Out Menu Is Available From 11:30am to 9:00pm Daily.

Please Call Early In The Day for Prompt Service. During Busy Times, Orders Can Be 30 to 60 Minutes, Avoid This By Placing Your Order As Soon As Possible



From the day we opened, the guest experience has been the soul of everything we do here at

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company.

As the years past, and our following grew, we struggled with how to ensure that we provided an opportunity to enjoy our food that was fair to everyone who wanted to come and eat. In the beginning through year 3, we took a small amount of reservations and tried our very best to accomodate large groups of more than 14 people. As with most things in this modern society, a majority of our reservations didn't show or were hours late. As customers patiently waited, and looked onto the dining room with empty tables that they could be sitting in,
it was clear to us as a family that we needed to stop taking reservations.
From that time on, we have graciously welcomed everyone who wants to enjoy our food to arrive and be sat
as soon as possible.
No matter how many guests, or how far they've driven to be here, everyone has the same fair opportunity for a table.

Please Read Below For Our Other House Policies

House Rules

We're different, and proud of what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

For a listing of our house rules, please read below


Responsible Alcohol Service Policy

At Memphis Fire Barbeque Company we pride ourselves in the quality of the food and guest experience we give you. For that reason, we feel that the alcohol we serve is a compliment to your meal. Since the beginning, our Responsible Alcohol Service Policy has ensured that every person who enjoys their meal at Memphis Fire Barbeque, make it home safe and sound.
The following are not suggestions, they are stricktly enforced

R.A.S.P. - 1
At no time will guests be welcomed to dine in the restaurant if they are seen "pre-gaming" or "tailgating" in our parking lot. It must be said that this illegal behaviour will not be tollerated, and those who are caught in violtion will be asked to leave the property immediately.

R.A.S.P. - 2
If guests arrive and appear to be under the influence of alcohol, our hosts can, at their discretion, deny service of alcohol to that guest. This includes guests who check in with the host to be on the waitlist, and then leave the property and return.

R.A.S.P. - 3
In order for a guest to order alcohol, that guest must purchase food. With respect to the proper steps of good service, if the guest fails to order food once an alcoholic beverage has been served, the server or manager will remove the alcohol from the table and the guest will be asked to leave.

R.A.S.P. - 4
At no time will more than two alcoholic drinks be served to any one customer. Guests ordering alcoholic beverages for other guests in order to circumvent this policy will not be tollerated.

As a family, we feel that our revenues should not be based on risking lives, driving or not, once we serve you a drink we are responsible for you and what you do in the community after you leave. We are very happy to provide an atmosphere that responsible minded people and their families can enjoy at any time we are open, without worrying about people that have been over consuming and the damaging social behaviour that generally accompanies them.
We are here to serve award-winning Authentic Southern Barbeque and comfort food that we are proud of. Surrounded by staff members that we care deeply about, and do our very best to ensure their jobs are protected over making a quick buck. We value these things far more than the revenue that the over-service of alcohol would bring.



At Memphis Fire Barbeque Company we believe that every guest that arrives is treated with the same hospitality and courtesy that we would offer in our own homes, and that makes us unique. In our own homes we would expect that our guests treat our family with respect, courtesy and kindness; we feel the same way about guests in our restaurant as well. Guests that choose to be abusive or harassing in their actions or with their words, be it in a derogatory or profane way will be asked to remedy their actions or if they refuse, be asked to leave. As a family, we will not tolerate our staff and other guests being subject to such behaviour.

Your Feedback Is Important To Us

A great Chef of ours once told us that knowing what you've done wrong,
is far more important than what you've done right.

We hope you had a great experience with us, that's what we work crazy hard every day for;

but we are only human. please let us know about your experience with us. It is the only way we can make Memphis Fire better for everyone

Thank-you for providing your opinion, it means you care!

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  • Open From 11:30am to 9:00pm
  • Tuesday Through Sunday
  • Lunch Menu From 11:30 to 4:00pm
  • Dinner Menu From 4:00pm to 9:00pm
In Beautiful Winona, Ontario
  • 1091 King's Highway #8
  • Contact us at 905-930-7675
  • Find Us Off The QEW on Highway #8 In Between Fruitland and Fifty Rd.
  • We are closed on Mondays to allow our staff to be with their famalies